Design your own bag: Are you up to the challenge? Naissant's Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

Naissant sells handbags and accessories for women who don't want to compromise between style and function, giving you the ability to design your own bag, set your own goals, and chase after your dreams. With modular pieces that can be mixed and matched with other products in the collection, Naissant offers the perfect blend of style and functionality for your fall wardrobe.
But don’t take our word for it! Here is Naissant’s list of fall wardrobe essentials – with multiple options for endless versatility, you’ll find the perfect handbag for your lifestyle.
Design Your Own Bag: Naissant’s Recommendations For Fall 2020
The Best Everyday Bag For Women
Bold, comfortable, and effortlessly chic, The Manon Crossbody can help you get from home to -basically anywhere- and back again in one piece. With three interior pockets, a large back pocket for anything you want to keep close to you, and a key leash for your wallet, you can find a special place for every item you carry. The 2" wide strap makes the bag very comfortable to carry, and allows you to keep your hands free.
Design Your Own Bag 
Afraid you’ll lose your phone in a large bag?, Need your hands free? Want to be the coolest girl on the block while doing groceries? Wear The Alex Belt Bag Triad – this functional accessory comes with an iPhone holder and two mini bags to keep all your essentials close to you. All min bags are detachable, for the ultimate in versatility. Use the belt alone, with the phone bag, and with one or two bags at the same time. The options are yours to discover. 
The Best Travel Bag For Women 
When you’re dragging your suitcase through an airport terminal, the last thing you need to worry about is a bunch of tiny bags. That’s why The Mina Tote is the best travel bag for women: it has plenty of space for you to pack your favorite items, keep them organized and accessible at any time. The best thing? It has a designated space for your carry-on handles! No more handbags falling...
Design Your Own Bag: Not sure how you should use all of that space? Here are some of our tips:
  • Slide your laptop or tablet into the padded enclosure, and it will remain safely stowed until you take it out later.
  • Stick an empty coffee mug in one of the side pockets, and save the other one for a snack from the food court – you’ll never go hungry on a long flight again!
  • Put your important belongings inside the zippered pocket, and never worry again about losing them! 
The Best Bag For A Weekend stroll, a Night Out or Running Errands
Like many of our customers, you may be constantly on the go. If you need a handbag that is versatile and practical, The Paloma Box Bag is the best choice! It’s fully customizable with our line of accessories, so you can take your favorite items with you while you’re running errands, going for a weekend stroll, or getting ready for a night out in the city.
Design Your Own Bag: Need some extra room? Attach The Celeste Wallet or The Marie Phone Mini Bag to the strap to create the perfect fall wardrobe essentials!
You deserve a wardrobe that will help you do it all.
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