Our Ciana Belt Set Featured in the latest J.Quiles + Maluma music video "La Botella"

After finding Naissant's products at the Miami Soho House Boutique, celebrity stylists Sarah Akiba and Isabella Sierra didn't think it twice. They reached out directly on Instagram to our founder Luciana Rozenberg, and asked if they could have 4 products in Miami since they were flying to Medellin, Colombia in only 2 days. Without thinking it much, Luciana agreed to send them the requested products and these were shipped overnight. 
The stylists advised that there was no guarantee that the products would be in the video since it always comes down to the artist if they want to wear them or not. The wait was very long, but almost 2 months after the products were sent to Miami, the music video "La Botella" was released and J. Quiles is not only wearing them on the video, but he kept the products for his personal use. 
I guess the overnight shipment was worth it!
Click the link above to watch the music video.