Are you one of those women Naissant thought of when designing the Fall/Winter 2020 Collection?

 On November 2016 Luciana Rozenberg struck up a conversation with her stylish new roommate. Born in France and raised to be fearless, Kelly was a total badass. By the time she had reached her mid-twenties:
  • She had a successful career as a consultant for Ernst & Young
  • She had traveled the world and lived in four different countries
  • She spoke multiple languages
  • She owned her own investment property in the south of France
So Luciana was surprised when her roommate rushed into the kitchen with a worn-out black tote and plastic athletic bag. With her eyes on the clock, Kelly explained that she had packed her lunch in the athletic bag; the large black tote was full of workplace essentials, and she still needed space for the rest of her belongings.
Like many badass working women, Kelly was forced to make a choice – she wanted to take a stylish handbag to work, but she needed a tool that was far more versatile and functional.
And that’s when Luciana decided that women deserved more.
Naissant NYC: Multi-Functional Handbags. Style, Form and Function
Powerful and chic. Stylish and practical. With effortless design and endless versatility, Luciana’s daring collection was designed with fearless women in mind.
Instead of making us choose between beauty and functionality, Naissant offers it all at a price point that we can afford. These modular bags fit together like puzzle pieces (FYI – just take a look at The Celeste Wallet and Paloma Box Bag bags), giving everyone the ability to build the perfect handbag for their needs.
If you want the best bag for your badass lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven signs that you’re a Naissant girl:
You Chase Your Goals
It doesn’t matter whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, traveling the world, or starting your own business – Naissant’s collection is designed to support you on your journey. Our edgy chic bags and accessories are cross-functional, giving you the ability to mix and match your favorite pieces.
You Make Style Look Effortless
Like many badass chicks who understand that confidence comes from within, you aren’t afraid to express yourself through your fashion choices. Naissant has edgy accessories for every occasion, whether you’re on your way to a job interview or you’re looking for a convenient place to stash your phone.
You’re Not Afraid To Take Risks
With croc-embossed leather and metal studs, Naissant’s line of handbags and accessories is just as fearless as you are. Take The Paloma Box Bag on a lavish night out, or wear The Ciana Belt Bag Triad to embrace your inner badass.
You Invest In Quality
From once-in-a-lifetime trips to lifelong friends, our customers are always on the lookout for high-quality people, products, and experiences. That’s why Naissant invests in premium materials, from 100% organic cotton lining in our accessories to 12-carat gold coating on our ethically-sourced edgy chic handbags.
You Stand Up For Others
With a passion for social justice and sustainable fashion, our customers are committed to building a better world for all badass chicks. We’re partnering with an organization that supports women’s education initiatives, and every time you make a purchase, we’ll donate a portion of our proceeds to support girls around the world who are chasing their own dreams.
You Protect The Planet
Remember what we said about sustainable fashion? The average American throws out 1,609 pounds of trash each year, and 65% of that waste is made up of product packaging. Naissant is committed to being 100% carbon neutral, and we are partnering with Carbon Fund to achieve our goals. By investing in recyclable boxes and biodegradable packaging tape, we can make sure that every shipment is a step in the right direction.
You Want It All (And You’ll Do What It Takes To Get There)
Naissant was inspired by the badass chicks who came before us, and who paved the way for Luciana to become the designer and entrepreneur she is today. This collection is for the girl who wants to have it all, and needs a wardrobe that will inspire her to embrace her own destiny.
You deserve a wardrobe that will help you do it all. Take a look at our line of premium handbags + accessories, from modular belt and wallet sets to crossbody bags for badass chicks.
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